Snapchat Planets In Order – Full Explained 2024!

Snapchat Planets In Order

In the realm of Snapchat, a new fascination arises: the order of planets. As users navigate this digital landscape, they encounter a unique perspective on our solar system. 

The “Snapchat planets in order” refers to the sequence in which planets appear on the app’s augmented reality feature, often aligning with their positions in the solar system.

In this article, we’ll deeply dive into the functionality of Snapchat planets, exploring how users can engage with the planets in the app and learn about their order within our celestial neighborhood.

What Is Snapchat? – Click To Gain Knowledge!

Snapchat is an excellent app designed for smartphones and tablets, whether Android or iOS. Here’s the twist: with Snapchat, you can share Snaps, videos, and pictures that disappear after a while.

What Is Snapchat?
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But there’s more! Snapchat also lets you chat, just like WhatsApp. The chats vanish after you read them, which some people love, and others aren’t so sure about. However, you can change the settings so chats disappear after 24 hours.

Snapchat has fun filters and lenses that can transform your face or surroundings in your Snaps, adding an extra layer of creativity and fun to your photos and videos!

Snapchat Planets Order And Meaning – Discover The Secrets!

In Snapchat, each planet in the friend solar system matches up with a different friend on your Best Friends list. The order of planets in the Snapchat system follows the same sequence as the planets in our real solar system.

Just like the sun, you’re at the center of your friend’s solar system on Snapchat. Mercury represents the friend you interact with the most, Venus is the second closest friend, and so on, until Neptune is your eighth best friend.

To make it easier for you to understand what each Snapchat planet means, we’ve provided detailed explanations below, along with their corresponding emojis.

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Just like our solar system, Mercury is the initial planet in Snapchat’s solar system. It symbolizes the user’s very first closest friend. Mercury looks like a red planet surrounded by four red hearts.


Venus is the second planet in the solar system and matches the user’s second closest friend. It looks like a light brown-colored planet with yellow, pink, and blue hearts spinning around it.


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Earth holds the position of the third planet in our solar system. On Snapchat, it matches with a user’s third best friend. You’ll see it in the same color as the actual Earth, surrounded by a moon, stars, and red hearts.


On Snapchat, Mars is like your fourth best friend. It is positioned as the fourth planet from the sun. You’ll see it as a red planet with stars and purple and blue hearts around your friend’s emoji.


In Snapchat, the solar system is like our own. Jupiter in Snapchat is like your fifth closest friend. On the app, Jupiter looks reddish-orange with dark orange stripes and stars spinning around it.


Just like in our solar system, Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun in Snapchat. It stands for the user’s sixth closest friend. You can recognize it by its orange color and the ring and stars around it.


On Snapchat, the Uranus planet matches up with the seventh closest friend you have. It’s shown as a green planet without any hearts.


Neptune holds the position of the eighth planet within our solar system. The app’s Solar System represents the eighth friend on your friend’s list. Remember that there’s no love or life on this lonely Blue Planet.

How Do Snapchat Best Friend Planets Work? – Explore The Details!

If you’re a Snapchat Plus subscriber, you’ll notice a special badge on someone’s Friendship Profile. It’s either a ‘Best Friends’ badge or a ‘Friends’ badge, with a gold ring around it.

How Do Snapchat Best Friend Planets Work
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Here’s What They Mean:

  • ‘Best Friends’ indicates that you and the other person are among each other’s eight closest friends. This is figured out by how frequently you send snaps or chat with each other.
  • ‘Friends’ means that the other person is one of your eight closest friends, but you’re not one of theirs. In other words, they chat or snap with you often, but you don’t do it as frequently with them.

If you tap on someone’s “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge, you’ll find out which planet you are in their Solar System. Each planet stands for a different rank in their Best Friends list. The closer the planet is to the Sun (which is you), the higher the rank.

For instance, if your friend is the Sun and you’re the Earth in their Solar System, you’re their third closest friend.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How Accurate Are Snapchat Planets In Order?

Snapchat planets provide basic information about each planet, primarily designed for entertainment and educational purposes rather than scientific accuracy.

2. Can I Customize My Experience With Snapchat Planets?

While users cannot customize the content of Snapchat planets, they can interact with each planet individually to learn more about its unique properties and features.

3. Are Snapchat Planets Available To All Users?

Yes, Snapchat planets are available to all users in order and can be accessed through the Explore section of the app.

4. How Many Best Friend Planets Are On Snapchat?

On Snapchat, there are eight particular planets for your best friends. Each planet represents one of your best friends on Snapchat.

5. Do the Snapchat planets in order change over time?

The arrangement of planets on Snapchat can change over time due to the natural movements and orbits of celestial bodies in our solar system. As planets continue their journeys around the sun, their positions relative to one another and Earth fluctuate, leading to variations in how they appear on Snapchat’s feature.


Snapchat’s ordered planets offer a fun and educational way to explore our solar system. From fiery Venus to distant Pluto, they invite users on a journey through space to discover our cosmic neighborhood’s beauty and complexity.

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