Secure AirPrint Not Showing Canon – Causes And Solution!

Secure AirPrint Not Showing Canon – Causes And Solution!

 If you want to print more sensitive or secure data, print form your printer.  You can use AirPrint for your data. However, you encountered issues with their Canon printers not showing up on AirPrint. 

To resolve it, Ensure your devices and printer are on the same Wi-Fi network, update your printer’s firmware, and check for any security settings that might be preventing the printer from being detected.

This article will explore the reasons behind this problem and provide solutions to enable secure AirPrint on your Canon printer.

What Is Secure Airprint? – For Those Who Don’t Know!

What Is Secure Airprint?

AirPrint is a feature designed by Apple that allows you to print documents wirelessly from your iOS or Mac devices. Secure AirPrint takes this convenience a step further by ensuring that your documents are transmitted and printed securely, protecting your sensitive information.

Why Is My Canon Printer Not Showing Up On Airprint? – Take Analysis!

  • If your Canon printer and your iOS device or Mac are not on the same network, they won’t be able to communicate. Make certain they are linked to an identical Wi-Fi network.
  • Not all Canon printers support AirPrint. Make sure your Canon printer model is compatible with this feature.
  • Outdated printer firmware can be a common culprit. Verify for firmware updates on the official Canon website. You have accessed the official Canon website by clicking the link effortlessly.

So, these are some causes of the Printer not appearing as an AirPrint.  It’s essential to address these issues to ensure seamless wireless printing from your iOS device or Mac to your Canon printer.

How To Fix Mac Airprint Drive Problems With A Canon Printer? – Take Action Now!

  • Check for Driver Updates:

Ensure that you have the latest printer driver for your Canon device installed on your Mac. Visit the Canon website and download the most up-to-date driver compatible with your printer model. Install it following the provided instructions.

  • Restart the Printer and Mac:

At times, connectivity problems can be remedied with a basic reboot. Turn off your Canon printer, unplug it from the power source, and shut down your Mac. After a minute, plug the printer back in, power it on, and restart your Mac.

  • Verify Network Connection:

Confirm that your Mac and Canon printers are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Inconsistent network connections can lead to printing problems. If necessary, reconnect both devices to the same network.

  • Reset the Printing System:

If you continue to experience issues, resetting the printing system on your Mac may help. To do this, open “System Preferences,” select “Printers & Scanners,” right-click on the list of printers, and choose “Reset Printing System.” This action removes all printers, so you’ll need to re-add your Canon printer afterward.

  • Reinstall the Printer:

After resetting the printing system, re-add your Canon printer by clicking the “+” button in “Printers & Scanners” in “System Preferences.” Select your printer from the list and follow the on-screen instructions for setup.

By following these steps, you should be able to troubleshoot and fix AirPrint driver issues on your Mac for your Canon printer, ensuring seamless printing from your Apple device. For further clarification, you can view this YouTube video.

How Can I Activate Airprint On My Canon Printer?– Step-By-Step Guide!

1. Access your printer’s settings:

You can access your Canon printer’s settings either through its control panel, which is typically a screen and buttons on the printer itself, or through a web browser on your computer. 

So, If your printer has a touchscreen, navigate through the menu options to find the settings you need. If using a web browser, you’ll need your printer’s IP address or hostname to access the settings.

2. Locate the AirPrint or Network settings:

Once you’ve accessed your printer’s settings, look for the AirPrint or Network settings. If you’re using the control panel, these settings may be located under a “Network” or “Wireless” section in the printer’s menu. 

However, If you’re accessing the settings through a web browser, explore the menu or tabs related to network configuration.

3. Enable the AirPrint feature:

You should find an option to enable the AirPrint feature within the AirPrint or Network settings. Typically, this setting may be labeled as “AirPrint,” “Mobile Printing,” or something similar. 

To activate this feature, select it and change the status from “Off” to “On.” If available, make sure to follow the on-screen instructions for a smooth setup process.

4. Save your changes:

After enabling the AirPrint feature, be sure to save your changes to apply the new settings. Importantly, this step is crucial to making AirPrint functionality available for your iOS device or Mac.

The method for saving changes varies depending on your printer model and whether you’re using the control panel or a web browser. It’s essential to follow the prompts or on-screen instructions to confirm and save your settings

Therefore, By completing these steps, you will have successfully enabled AirPrint on your Canon printer, allowing you to print documents and photos from your devices with ease wirelessly.

How Do I Make My Canon Printer Print Secure? – Essential Inform!

How Do I Make My Canon Printer Print Secure?
  • Keep your printer’s firmware up to date. Firmware updates often include security enhancements that can protect your printer from vulnerabilities.
  • Utilize a strong password on a secure Wi-Fi network. A robust Wi-Fi password helps prevent unauthorized access to your network, which in turn safeguards your printer.
  • Enable security features on your printer, such as authentication and encryption. Activating security features on your printer can provide an extra layer of protection, ensuring that only authorized users can print and access sensitive data.
  • Regularly change your printer’s default admin password. Changing the default administrative password on your printer helps prevent unauthorized configuration changes and access to sensitive printer settings.

By keeping your firmware updated, fortifying your Wi-Fi network, and enabling printer security features, you’re the sentinel of your data’s fortress.

What Are The Steps For Printing From A Mac and iOS Device To An Airprint-Enabled Canon Printer? – Check This!

1. Printing from an AirPrint-Enabled Printer with Mac:

  • Make sure your Mac and printer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Open the document you wish to print, then go to ‘File’ > ‘Print.’
  • Select your Canon printer from the list of accessible printers.
  • Adjust any printing preferences, and then click ‘Print.’

Follow these steps to Print from an AirPrint-Enabled Printer with a Mac. To access additional information, just click the link that’s been provided.  

2. Printing from an AirPrint-Enabled Printer with iOS Devices:

  • Access the document or image you intend to print.
  • Tap the ‘Share’ icon and pick ‘Print.’
  • Select your Canon printer from the list of accessible printers.
  • Modify the printing preferences and tap ‘Print.’

There You Have It! These are some steps to print from an AirPrint-enabled printer with An IOS device. I trust that this article has addressed all your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Is My Printer Not Appearing as an AirPrint?

Check if your Canon printer’s name contains special characters, as this can sometimes cause issues. Try renaming your printer to something simpler.

2. PIXMA TR8520 No Secure AirPrint Option?

If your PIXMA TR8520 doesn’t have a secure AirPrint option, make sure your firmware is updated. If the issue persists, contact Canon support for assistance.

3. Which Feature is Mandatory for Printers for Secure Printing?

Secure printing requires encryption and authentication features to safeguard documents and ensure only authorized users print them.

4. Where is the Secure Print Option?

The location of the secure print option can vary depending on your Canon printer’s model and software. Consult your printer’s manual or Canon’s support resources for specific guidance.

Summing Up: 

The issue of “Secure AirPrint Not Showing” for your Canon printer might be due to a security or network-related problem. 

For any lingering questions, this article has aimed to address them, providing comprehensive insights into securing your printing process with a Canon printer.

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